Pantry Exposed

November 25, 2008


There are 3 more lower shelves but this is enough to share. I would love to donate it all to a food bank and start fresh but financially I just can’t. I have about 3 months of quick oats before I can switch to regular or steal cut. The cereal goes back 3 rows. I probably have 8 jars of peanut butter to go thru before I can get one without all the funky ingredients. Basically when a staple goes on sale and I have a coupon.. I stock up. I didn’t pay more than a dollar for any of the pb and didn’t pay more than 1.50 for any of the cereal. The Quaker quick oats.. $1 dollar each

I’m going to start my new shopping at Trader Joe’s (about 10 min away)..then in February a Whole Foods is opening up walking distance from my house. So excited about that! Well for the rest of the year I am going to just buy produce/soy milk and empty out the pantry..